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Leading causes of death in women age 35 and up. CDC charts

The following six lists from the CDC on Women’s Health contain the statistics for the leading causes of death in females age 35 and up according to nationality in the United States. These years are the primary menopausal years. Those top three maladies are heart disease, cancer and stroke and are consistent across the board […]

Menopause and Mental Health (translation) Menopause is the New Psycho!

The time in a person’s life, lovingly referred to as “midlife” is often considered a period of increased risk for depression especially in women. Many women report irritability, mood swings, anxiety, tearfulness, and feelings of loss, inadequacy and/or despair in the years leading up to menopause. The main reason for these emotional problems isn’t always […]

Women Who Have Menopausal Night Sweats May Live Longer

Up to fifty percent of women of menopausal age experience night sweats – an experience that’s frustrating and disruptive for most. But there may be good news for those women who experience the night sweats of menopause. They may actually live longer than their sweat-free counterparts. Here’s why. Night Sweat of Menopause and Morality –  […]

Can Olive Oil Help You Lose Weight?

More olive oil, please. That’s what more people are saying as they discover the good things this oil from the olive tree can do for their health. Now, you can add weight loss to the list of health benefits of eating olive oil. Eating Olive Oil for Weight Loss? According to a study published in […]