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Consequences of Osteoporosis (Health Short)

  Consequences of Osteoporosis (Health Short) Please use this site and video series as information only and note it is not intended as advise for treatment of any certain condition. Please see your medical care provider for your health concerns and treatments.Okay now it’s time to get back on track with a little menopause education, […]

Beauty Extracts for Photoaging

Beauty Extracts for Photoaging We live in a youth conscious society, so it’s not surprising that people are looking for ways to slow down the aging process and prevent skin aging. You can hide some of the signs of aging, but it’s nearly impossible to hide an aging face. Few people want to resort to […]

Keeping Memory Sharp into Old Age

Many believe that memory loss, like getting sick, is inevitable with age. However, the theory doesn’t stand up to those who manage to keep a sharp and focused mind well into their eighties and nineties. While getting older is inevitable, memory does not have to decline so severely as to put you into a nursery […]

5 Fashion Do’s For Larger Ladies

We all dress to suit our personal tastes and preferences but sometimes the clothes we like to look at aren’t the ones that like to look good on us. That dress on the mannequin in the designer label store looks fantastic, on stick figure girls, but when we are carrying a few extra pounds or […]

Pecans Could be Important for a Healthy Brain

photo credit:laura padgett via photopin cc Pecans Could be Important for a Healthy Brain Eating pecans could be important for a healthy brain and nervous system according to a new study published in Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research. These tasty nuts may even help to slow down progression of motor neuron diseases such as ALS. […]

Reduce Waistline With Fitness!

Reduce Waistline With Fitness! Many people – especially women – want a smaller waistline. The seventeen inch waistline of Scarlet O’Hara isn’t obtainable for most women, nor should it be – but remember, she had the advantage of wearing a waist whittling corset. Is it possible to get a smaller waist without corsets or girdles? […]

Reduce Belly Fat to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Reduce Belly Fat to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease Excess belly fat puts both men and women at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke or heart attack.  According to Michael Jensen, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, belly fat can also be the cause of high blood pressure, high levels of […]

Menopausal Symptoms and your Diet

Menopause is often described as a very annoying problem in the life of women. It seems that as smoothly as menstruation enters into their life, as noisily it wants to make its departure. Many women will testify for fact that menopause comes with many challenging symptoms that can put her health and mental state on […]

Rejuvenate Aging Skin by Replenishing Collagen

Rejuvenate Aging Skin by Replenishing Collagen You’ve seen them at cosmetic counters and drugstores – collagen boosting creams and lotions. They claim to rejuvenate aging skin by replenishing collagen – the protein that gives skin support and keeps it from sagging. Is there any truth to this? Can collagen face products really give you younger […]