Low Intensity Exercise and Weight Control

There’s no doubt that high intensity exercise has benefits, but when it comes to weight loss and cardiovascular health, not everyone is comfortable with working up a drenching sweat. Some people like to take it slower, but still want the…

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Reduce Waistline With Fitness!

Reduce Waistline With Fitness! Many people – especially women – want a smaller waistline. The seventeen inch waistline of Scarlet O’Hara isn’t obtainable for most women, nor should it be – but remember, she had the advantage of wearing a…

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Reduce Belly Fat to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Reduce Belly Fat to Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease Excess belly fat puts both men and women at a greater risk of heart disease, stroke or heart attack.  According to Michael Jensen, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,…

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Does Keeping a Food Diary Help With Weight Loss?

Weight loss can be difficult for some people. After cutting back on calories for a few weeks and not making any progress, they throw up their hands in frustration and head to the drugstore for the latest weight loss pill…

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