Menopausal Women - Theres a bunch of us

Menopausal Women, There's a bunch of us!

Actually there’s a bunch of Diva’s who happen to be hot flashing! Just remember there’s strength in numbers…and possibly a lot of heat.  People just don’t realize the number of women who are living through menopause or are about to enter that stage of their life. With the baby boomer generation well into their 50’s, the world will never be …

Menopause is the new psycho

Menopause and Mental Health (translation) Menopause is the New Psycho!

The time in a person’s life, lovingly referred to as “midlife” is often considered a period of increased risk for depression especially in women. Many women report irritability, mood swings, anxiety, tearfulness, and feelings of loss, inadequacy and/or despair in the years leading up to menopause. The main reason for these emotional problems isn’t always understood. Research has shown repeatedly …


Demon Menopause

This lady, I use that term loosely here, will “skeer the bejeebers” out of you… Exorcist anyone??? Seems like a kindly ole lady having a little ole hot flash! Hmmp, don’t mess or underestimate a woman and her hot flash. When we say hot flash, someone had better jump or at least get out of the way. See if you …


Menopause: Old Underpants by Mary Anne Nichols

Let’s have some fun this week. The past few weeks have been pretty serious and all, so let’s just have some fun this week. I have found some funny ladies that sure have the right attitude about life and I want to share them with you.  


The Hormone Therapy Debate (Treating Menopause #1)

These video’s are absolutely some of the best in educational value concerning menopause. I have learned a lot in watching and listening to them and considering the information contained. Armed with this information, I am better prepared to talk to my medical provided to discover the best treatment and course of action for me and my individual needs. Please take …


Something has gone seriously wrong!

Don’t it make you want to shout, cuss, scream and holler?  Yeah, me too and not in a good way. Seriously ladies, something has gone SERIOUSLY wrong!  When I first started going into menopause, my doctors said nooooo, you’re not perimenopausal.  Even though many of the symptoms were there.  I just didn’t know it at the time.  They relied on …

Nice is Not a Symptom of Menopause!

I’ve tried over and over again to explain that to my sweetie and he just doesn’t get it!  I’m really seriously trying but it’s right there, see for yourself, in black and white…you look at the list of menopausal symptoms…it’s not there!  Not nice, sweet, kind, loving, calm, COOL or any of those other virtuous “symptoms” made the list. Hot …