Something has gone seriously wrong!

menopause-something-has-gone-seriously-wrongDon’t it make you want to shout, cuss, scream and holler?  Yeah, me too and not in a good way.

Seriously ladies, something has gone SERIOUSLY wrong!  When I first started going into menopause, my doctors said nooooo, you’re not perimenopausal.  Even though many of the symptoms were there.  I just didn’t know it at the time.  They relied on those hormonal blood tests which I now know are not reliable.  A woman’s hormone levels fluctuate wildly during the perimenopausal years.  It’s crazy and it drives her and everyone else around her crazy as well.  Believe me, I know first hand…well, everyone who knows me knows first hand. (nervous laugh)

And yes, I call those blood tests hormonal, you know, the ones used to check your estrogen and other important hormone levels to see what’s going on.  Well, using a one time test to check something as unstable as hormones after age 35 is…well…unstable!  So those blood tests are hormonal like the hormones they are measuring.

In days not too long ago, women didn’t speak of such things but now-a-days we do.  So I’m going to speak, yell and scream about it all the way through, by golly, if I have to go through this wonderful time in life, I want to spread the joy.  Why would I keep such a lovely secret a secret?  Everyone should know and partake in the fun.  I’ve never been selfish and stingy so why start now?  hehehe

And lately, there’s been buzz about men going through male menopause!  We certainly had never heard of such things in the past.  Finally the truth be told they don’t escape all of the lovely changes that us ladies do. Thing about it, I knew it all along, shoulda just asked any Hot Flash Diva, we see it and know it,kinda like: dead people seeing dead people.  Menopausal people see other menopausal people! Second child hood, midlife crisis my foot, it’s menopause at it’s finest.

For more laughs see my cartoon gallery, I’m sure you’ll relate to your Hot Flash Diva-ness in some of my illustrations, enjoy!

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