Looking for Sleep in all the Wrong Places

menopause-looking-for-sleepLooking for sleep in all the wrong places? To sleep perchance to dream? This eludes so many. Insomnia claws our eyes open to stare at an unforgiving LED screen as the clock marks the minutes. You may be one of those so afflicted but you don’t like the drug hangover that OTC medicine gives you the next morning. Consider lavender milk for your next bout of insomnia. Called spikenard in the Bible, lavender has been used for over 2,500 years. Its reputation for soothing a troubled soul and a wearied brow has been scientifically documented. The Romans put this herb in their baths for the scent as well as the results. Try this the next time you feel that wide-awake in the dark sensation. Wrap up in a comfy robe and pad down to the kitchen. Pour a cup of milk or so into a small pan. Place this over a low heat. Now add a handful of lavender and stir. Let the milk begin to steam. Remove from the heat and strain into your favorite mug. Now sit down at the table or on the sofa to drink. When you start to feel relaxed, head back to bed. Sweet dreams!

Stephanie Lynch is a freelance writer living in Denver, CO. You can contact her at