Menopausal Women - Theres a bunch of us

Menopausal Women, There's a bunch of us!

Menopausal Women - Theres a bunch of usActually there’s a bunch of Diva’s who happen to be hot flashing! Just remember there’s strength in numbers…and possibly a lot of heat.  People just don’t realize the number of women who are living through menopause or are about to enter that stage of their life. With the baby boomer generation well into their 50’s, the world will never be the same. Here at Hot Flash Diva, we focus on learning, crying and whinning a little and laughing a lot.

While you’re here visit out cartoon gallery with original cartoons created by, Jan Fox, and look at the Diva’s because last we checked, menopause loves women all shapes, sizes and colors. We also welcome your stories, jokes and idea’s for cartoons. Send us an email or comment so we know what you think.