Nice is Not a Symptom of Menopause!

I’ve tried over and over again to explain that to my sweetie and he just doesn’t get it!  I’m really seriously trying but it’s right there, see for yourself, in black and white…you look at the list of menopausal symptoms…it’s not there!  Not nice, sweet, kind, loving, calm, COOL or any of those other virtuous “symptoms” made the list. Hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, depression, insomnia, irritability and a host of other not so virtuous “symptoms” made it but not “nice”.

It’s not my fault, it’s dear ole Mother Nature’s fault.  I take no responsibility for the creation of menopause symptoms, no honey, you won’t get me on that one. I’m an innocent bystander, no wait a minute, I’m an innocent victim.  Everyone should be nice to me, actually they had better be nice to me…or, they may get to see some of the other menopause symptoms!

The FDA is the reason relationships are more difficult to maintain, they took away all of the good drugs for this lovely time in a ladies life, what’s a lady to do?  I try my best to be my old self but “something has changed inside and I just can’t take it”.  Hey, that was a song, hmm…I think…wasn’t it? Now that’s another wonderful virtuous “symptom” that just ain’t on that long list of menopause symptoms; good memory. Back to the drugs, there’s so much controversy about taking a tiny little pill to feel better and be nicer and it’s ends up that it’s bad for you. Sure there are other options but that pill was the bomb. Actually there are others but you’re so afraid to take them because it might shorten your life.  Let’s see your life shortened or someone else’s…I’ll take mine and all those other folks who want to live long need to stay out of my way.  See there, there’s the solution, I can be nice as long as everyone stays out of my way.  That way we all get to live long.  Long live the Hot Flash Diva!

For more laughs see my cartoon gallery, I’m sure you’ll relate to your Hot Flash Diva-ness in some of my illustrations, enjoy!


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