Menopausal Women - Theres a bunch of us

Menopausal Women, There’s a bunch of us!

Actually there’s a bunch of Diva’s who happen to be hot flashing! Just remember there’s strength in numbers…and possibly a lot of heat.  People just don’t realize the number of women who are living through menopause or are about to…

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Memory! What’s that?

I am rapidly approaching 54.  I can’t believe I’ve lived this long—never thought it would happen. It’s odd—I can vividly remember being five-years old, coming back from the coast early from our vacation because Hurricane Camille was approaching shore.  I…

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Low Intensity Exercise and Weight Control

There’s no doubt that high intensity exercise has benefits, but when it comes to weight loss and cardiovascular health, not everyone is comfortable with working up a drenching sweat. Some people like to take it slower, but still want the…

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Menopause is the new psycho

Menopause and Mental Health (translation) Menopause is the New Psycho!

The time in a person’s life, lovingly referred to as “midlife” is often considered a period of increased risk for depression especially in women. Many women report irritability, mood swings, anxiety, tearfulness, and feelings of loss, inadequacy and/or despair in…

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