About Jan Fox

Jan Fox Hot Flash Diva Cartoon CreatorJan Fox is your everyday Diva who always knew that she would age gracefully and be one of those beauties that others would say, “WOW,  look at her!”

Ha, life had other plans, that did not happen, quite the contrar, the extreme opposite happened….she struggled with depression, weight gain, memory loss, low self-esteem issues as a result and to top that off, she found herself in a business atmosphere that seemed to de-value those approaching middle age which increased her feelings of inadequacy.

So her entry into the lovely menopausal years were, quite literally a slap in the face.   In her search for information, she found that while there was an abundant supply of information on menopause, medically and in general, there were not many sources of humor for this time in a Diva’s life.

She was determined to have fun, to enjoy this fabulous time in her life, thus Hot Flash Diva was born.  In addition to creating Hot Flash Diva, Jan wanted to create a website that was humorous and packed full of useful and helpful information about all things menopause, she wants this site to help answer, share or provide direction on as many of the menopausal related questions out there.