Can Olive Oil Help You Lose Weight?

More olive oil, please. That’s what more people are saying as they discover the good things this oil from the olive tree can do for their health. Now, you can add weight loss to the list of health benefits of eating olive oil.

Eating Olive Oil for Weight Loss?

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating more olive oil may lower the risk of obesity. Researchers made this discovery after measuring levels of fatty acids in the bloodstreams of 613 people – to get an idea of their olive oil consumption – and then comparing it to their body weight. The results will make you want to head to the grocery store for a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. The group who got the least amount of olive oil in their diet was 2.3 times more likely to be obese compared to their olive oil loving counterparts.

This is certainly good news for olive oil lovers; but why does it prevent obesity? Possibly, by its effect on appetite. A study conducted at Pennsylvania State University showed that eating olive oil with meals helped keep participants satisfied longer than foods prepared with corn oil. One reason olive oil is so filling is that it causes production of CCK – a hormone that tells the body it’s had enough to eat.

The Health Benefits of Olive Oil

There are even more reasons to love olive oil. The monounsaturated fats in olive oil help to lower LDL cholesterol levels and increase insulin sensitivity – which is a good thing for diabetics. Another bonus. Diets rich in the monounsaturated fats found in olive oil helps to reduce central obesity – the not so attractive or healthy fat that settles around the waist and upper tummy.

Eating Olive Oil: Do It in Moderation

A single teaspoon of olive oil contains forty calories – and a teaspoon isn’t much. So, don’t go overboard by pouring it on everything in a misguided attempt to lose weight fast. If you’re eating more olive oil with meals, cut back on calories in other areas.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil: The Bottom Line?

Substituting olive oil for some of the fat you’re currently eating could help you lose weight and tummy fat – as long as you eat it in moderation. Plus, you’ll get the heart-healthy benefits that this versatile oil offers. Keep a bottle on hand – and use it to lose it.

Contributing Arthur: Kristie Leong,M.D



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