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Something has gone seriously wrong!

Don’t it make you want to shout, cuss, scream and holler?  Yeah, me too and not in a good way. Seriously ladies, something has gone SERIOUSLY wrong!  When I first started going into menopause, my doctors said nooooo, you’re not perimenopausal.  Even though many of the symptoms were there.  I just didn’t know it at […]

Nice is Not a Symptom of Menopause!

I’ve tried over and over again to explain that to my sweetie and he just doesn’t get it!  I’m really seriously trying but it’s right there, see for yourself, in black and white…you look at the list of menopausal symptoms…it’s not there!  Not nice, sweet, kind, loving, calm, COOL or any of those other virtuous […]

Identifying Menopause (Menopause #3)

This is the third in the series of 4 video’s discussing menopause and it effects on women as they progess through the process of aging. Please use this site and video series as information only and note it is not intended as advise for treatment of any certain condition. Please see your medical care provider […]

Rue McClanahan ~ Good bye to a lovely Hot Flash Diva

If any one on earth embodied the Hot Flash Diva style and attitude it was Rue McClanahan’s portrayal as sexy, witty and extra confident, Blanche Devereaux, of the Golden Girls TV series.  We all loved to watch her and because of her charm and confidence she seemed years younger than her character.  Her portrayal of […]