5 Fashion Do’s For Larger Ladies


We all dress to suit our personal tastes and preferences but sometimes the clothes we like to look at aren’t the ones that like to look good on us. That dress on the mannequin in the designer label store looks fantastic, on stick figure girls, but when we are carrying a few extra pounds or love to live large it’s just not going to work. Here are 5 fashion do’s that will always improve your look:

1. Do Buy a Professionally Fitted Bra

Go to a specialist bra store and be professionally fitted instead of resorting to bras that may not fit well. When you’ve got the girth you frequently have a little ample cleavage as well. It’s sometimes tempting to go for a cheap set from any regular department store. It costs a little more to be fitted and buy larger bras but in the long run you’ll save money investing in bra’s that fit.

Our look is always improved when we are wearing a bra that fits. There is no excess breast swelling from the edges and both our lovely ladies rest comfortably where breasts are supposed to be on our chests. It’s also better for our health and posture because a bra that fits protects your back and gives you the support your body needs. DO remember to use a lingerie bag when washing to prolong the life of your bras.

2. Do Find What Fits

Find clothes that are you size rather than trying to slip into something smaller. It might boost your ego to wear pants two sizes less than you used to but squishing into them is uncomfortable and tends to leave parts of ourselves hanging out where they shouldn’t be.

Always choose the size that fits the best. Never go too small but it’s also a good idea not to go too large. Don’t dampen your ego by wearing sacks. You want to look fantastic as well as be comfortable. DO be honest with yourself about what size you really are. You’ll look better by acknowledging it, and dressing for it.

3. Do Try Before You Buy

Remember to always try before you buy. The dress that looks great on the rack mightn’t sit comfortably over your hips or loose its chic cut across your back. Most clothing stores have changing rooms to let you try clothes on before you decide if that outfit is right for you. It might take a little more time but you can save a lot of money buying clothes that you will enjoy wearing.

Another tip is to shop with a friend and get their opinion. It can be challenging to see the full effect for ourselves or maintain our objectivity. DO make sure your friend wants to shop with you and can be honest about what looks good, and what doesn’t.

4. Arms, Legs & Bellies

DO wear clothes that conceal. These days the fashion industry seems to be charging more for wearing less. On larger ladies however it tends to look more stylish, sexy and appealing to conceal.

For Business: If you have arms that sag a little DO wear sleeves. Sleeves that flow and drape can look fantastic. You can also get sleeves that are half arm (ending at the elbow), quarter arm (ending halfway down the upper arm), or full length (ending at the wrist). DO choose whichever you prefer and Try Before You Buy to see which suits you.

For Casual: Go ahead and show your arms but DO wear something stylish and more fitted or sliming.  Go a little brighter or select a colorful pattern, not too busy, to distract from your arms and give you a uplift in mood.

DO wear clothes that cover your thighs. High cut shorts and skirts tend to make plus size ladies appear to be barely fitting their clothes. If you have great calves DO show them off but it’s generally a good idea to buy clothes that reach the knee or just below the knee. Full length pants can look and feel great but DO remember to Find What Fits.

DO avoid midriff and hipster clothing. Bared midriffs might look great for women with slim waists and slender hips but women with more to cuddle generally look better in clothing that conceals our bellies. Again, Try Before You Buy because sometimes that outfit you just adore looks fantastic on you despite the hint of hip.

5. Do Wear Single Colors (the Darker the Better)

Aim to buy and wear single colors. I know we’ve seen those floral extravaganzas or riots of stripes and spots but the best look for larger ladies is single colors. DO mix and match your complimentary colors. Darker chocolate over lighter chocolate or vice versa can look great. DO avoid spots, stripes, flowers, checks, and patterns.  DO accessorize with bright or fun colored scarves and jewelry to enhance the look you want whether it be trendy or classic, just have fun.

Of course, if you truly love the cut and appeal of something that is more decorative DO go ahead with steps 2 and 3, Find What Fits and Try Before You Buy. If you still think it looks great buy it. Generally however, patterns tend to look stretched or can make us look larger than we really are. Single colors, especially darker colors, tend to hide the bits we want to hide and give us a slimmer appearance.

If you remember these five fashion tips you’ll always find it so much easier to wear the clothes that suit your wonderful figure. When you’re dressed well, you look great and you FEEL great. The final DO to remember is Do Feel Confident! Whatever you wear, wear it with style and decide you look fantastic. Your opinion is the one that truly counts.

Contributing Arthur: Rebecca Laffar-Smith