Hiding Figure Flaws? Easy with now In-style Tunic Tops

menopause-hiding-figure-flawsThey’re in the magazines. They’re in the videos. Everyone wants to know what the season’s latest trends are. Images of rail thin models strutting confidently down runways demonstrate how the fashions are supposed to look. But how can one pull off the same look with figure flaws? The fact is that most women do have figure flaws of some sort and fashion trends can be a bit tricky for those of us with them. But the versatility of the tunic allows almost everyone to look great while keeping in style. Tunics are this season’s fashion must for every wardrobe and below are a few suggestions for looking runway fresh.

Full figured divas want to opt for a shaped cut with a longer palm length tunic. The shaped cut gives a curve in the right place look while creating a longer slimmer silhouette. The extra room on top and at the hip offers comfort. The slight shaping in the middle minimizes the waist. Woven fabrics are best when hiding figure flaws. They drape and shape. For an updated chic appearance, darker, monochromatic styling is best when put together with flare legged or boot cut leggings. Finish off with high heeled boots or wedge sandals to create an even longer line, offering yet again a slimmer appearance. Accessories such as earrings can be larger and a bit bold. Handbags are still large and add important detail to the look.

If boho or global styling is preferred, neutral colors for spring and summer such as beige or khaki with a burst of the “in” colors, indigo, orange or yellow work well.  Intricate embroidery and or natural element embellishments such as wooden or shell beads, complete the look. To add a bit of glamor, try selecting a tunic with metallic thread embroidery and sequins. Complete with earrings that compliment the look. For instance, elements such as wood and shell are perfect for the boho look while elements such as sequins and metallic embroidery complete the styling of glamor and sparkle.  Shorter women can add the illusion of height with thin belted or high waisted tunics. Loosely fitted with flowing sleeves adds grace and flow. Tunic length should be slightly below the hips to lengthen legs. Add high heel footwear to create even more height. Avoid having too much color contrast or detail at the hemline to avoid looking cut in half.  For the well endowed lady, a tunic with a low wide belt brings attention off the top and towards the lower half of the torso to create overall balance. Flare or bootlegged pants also add eye catching detail towards the feet, again creating balance and taking the eye away from the bust. Accessories should be visible yet simple such as larger hoops or thin bangle bracelets. The exception would be an over sized over the shoulder handbag with a longer strap so it rests just around the hip area.

Now figure flaws no longer need to keep anyone from wearing this season’s hottest piece. There are styles and shapes for everyone. And choosing the right one for you is now a little easier.

Contributing Author: Angelica Mordant