Looking Good In Skinny Jeans If You’re 35 or Older

menopause-good-stuff-to-knowWhether you’re short or tall, thin or full figured, everyone seems to be wearing skinny jeans.  This actually isn’t the first time skinny jeans have made an appearance on the fashion circuit.  We probably first saw them back in the 50’s and then again in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  They have once again emerged as the pants of choice by all who consider themselves to be fashionably hip.  They come in all different shapes, sizes and colors, for both male and female so that means everyone from the 7 year old second grader to the 55 year old fashionista  is wearing them.  The key to looking good in them is wearing them with additional garments that complement your age.  If you are 35 or older there are simple clothing additions you can add to your skinny jeans without making it seem like you’re trying to look too young.  Here is a fresh new look to try.

Add A Tunic

The best addition to your skinny jeans is a nice tunic.  A tunic is a loose fitting long shirt or it can be a long sweater shirt.  Choose a nice color to complement your skinny jeans.  If your jeans are a darker color then it’s always nice to choose a lighter or brighter color on the top to contrast with your skinny jeans.

Add a Wide Belt

The next addition to your skinny jean outfit should be a wide belt over your tunic top.  When adding your wide belt on top of your tunic top, the tighter you pull the belt the better it will look.  It will also give you a waistline regardless of your size.  Don’t be afraid if you’re full figured to add a wide belt.

Add a Complementary Shoe

Your skinny jeans can be worn with flats, heels or even boots.  If you choose a flat, the baby doll, ballet type style looks the best.  You can also choose a nice heel to complement your look.  Skinny jeans look better with a higher heel, at least a 21/2 inch heel.  The heel rule also applies to your boot if you choose to wear one.   Of course if you have problems with heels this won’t be the best option for you, the flats will do just fine.

If you think you’re too old for skinny jeans just try this look.  You will look fresh and hip and still look age appropriate.

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